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Do it yourself manual to modify your
PIONEER DVL 909 and DV 505

codefree & Macrovision "OFF"



zu den Seiten mit der codefree Chip-Installationsanleitung eines A100 DVD-Players:
to the Installation manual for a codefree chip for the DVD players:

Panasonic A-100/300 | Thomson DTH 1000 |  click here!!!
Yamaha DVD1000 | Victor/JVC XV-1000 | RCA RCP5200/5500P

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this is the original (MEGAVISION) codefree-chip used in many German modifications of the last 12 months

It transforms   your DVD-player to a code 0 (no regioncode)machine and plays all software of any region in the world. The special protected DVD's from MGM (Goldeneye etc.) Buena Vista (SCREAM etc), about 10% of all code1 DVD's will also work, but only with the "Stop-Trick", explained here:

  • 1. insert the DVD into your modified DVD-player
  • 2. press "Stop" at the second Zero (00) appearing on the display
  • 3. press "Play" at once and wait 3 seconds
  • 4. press "Power-Off/standby"
  • 5. after 3 seconds  press "Play" one time, the display shows after some seconds of reading
    in all important informations about the DVD the normal display as if there is the right code
  • 6. Now press again "Play" to start your DVD
  • 7. your setup possibilities are still working

our price  for the codefree chip is:

99.- DM (incl 16% VAT)
no additional VAT in any EC Country!

order via email here or send a fax to
AUDIO VIDEO FORUM  M2,11  D-68161 Mannheim   Germany
tel +49 +(0) 621-13230  fax (0) 621-25475

creditcard (Mastercard ) payment possible  or payment to our bankaccount
in advance, in Deutschland per Post NN


for your information we have some rough currency informations

english pounds 1DM= 0,33 pounds
ECU: 1DM =0,5 ECU
1 US $  = 2 DM