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HiFi & Home Theater links with a little help of some friends all over the world, thanx
many of these links are taken from other websites, we appreciate if you look to the famous sides of roberts hifi pages ,

this links are back from 1996 !!! when we started our activities in the Net, so pls be patient if there are broken links.

Abrahamsson Audio Power Amplifiers, official page.
ACI(Audio Concepts, Inc.) with speakers and accessories.
Acoustic Solutions official page.
Acurus official page.
Acurus presented by AudioFX
Adcom official page.
Advanced Audio Incorporated for DIY speakers
Aerial Acoustics presented by Acoustic Image.
"Affordable Hi-End Audio & Electronic Equipment" with kits and parts.
Air Tight, official websites.
Alignment of an analog tape recorder
Alón presented by AudioFX
Altec Lansing Corporation official page.
Alternate Audio official websites.
Ambisonic Surround Sound at www.omg.unb.ca/~mleese
Ambisonic home page at the University of York.
AMC, official page?
American Power & Light
American Technology Corporation is developing new sound reproduction technology
Ampex mailing list. E-mail to ampex@hsan.loc.gov with the word subscribe as subject.
Angstrom official websites.
Anthem official page.
APAF, Italian Association for Hi-Fi Promotion(TOP AUDIO, etc.)
Aragon official page.
Ashly Audio Inc. with amplifiers and more.
Atma-Sphere Music Systems official websites.
Audio and Acoustics Links, updated monthly
The Audio Adventure, journal.
Audio Alchemy official websites.
Audio Amateur, journal.
Audio dictionary
Audio Engineering Society for those who really know how it works.
Áudio Espresso, a general interest site in portuguese.
AudioFile & AV magazine from Malaysia.
Audio Ideas Guide, journal.
Audiolit, a general interest commercial site.
Audiomap, a general interest German site.
Audio Mecca, Dick Olsher's corner on the net.
Audio Page, a general interest page.
Audiophile Online, periodical from Indonesia.
Audio related BBS
Audio Review, Italian periodical hifi magazine.
The Audio Revolution, a general interest commercial site.
Audio Shopper used equipment review and marketplace.
Audio Society Of Minnesota
Audio Video Rumors, periodical from the Philippines.
Audio Visions, a general interest site.
AudioWeb, a general interest commercial site.
AudioWorld Online, a general interest site.
Aurus loudspeakers
Ayre amplifiers, official page.
B&W official websites.
B&W of America.
B&W, in french.
Balanced Audio Technology official websites.
Balanced Audio Technology presented by Ambrosia
Baltlines Audio official websites.
Bass and DIY Loudspeakers Archives
Beam-Echo tube amplifiers, official page.
Blue Circle Audio Inc. official websites.
Borislav Velkov's Audio Page with many links.
Bose FAQ, what people on the net say about Bose.
Bose official humour pages.
Boston Acoustics official websites.
Bound for Sound, journal.
Brian's Home Audio Page a general interest site.
British Federation of Audio
Bryston official websites.
California Audio Labs official websites.
California Audio Labs presented by Zoller Hifi Design Gmbh Germany
Cambridge SoundWorks official websites.
Canadian Consumer Electronics Exposition & Conference
Cardas official websites.
Carver Corporation official page.
Carver ribbons/woofers, a review.
The CD-player, a fundamental introduction.
The CD-player, presented by Philips.
The CE label
CES news mostly about coming expos.
Winter CES 1996 report by "Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity"
Winter CES 1996 report by Soundsite
Winter CES 1996 report by AudioFX
Winter CES 1996 report by Cybertheater
Circle Surround presented by Audio Dimensions
Cliffhanger Audio Systems official websites.
Cliffhanger presented by Needletalk Audio
Clockwork Audio, in german.
Coincident Speaker Technology official page.
Compact Disc Formats
The Consumer Electronics Cyberspace Companionwith info about EIA-sponsored trade shows, new digital formats and more.
Counterpoint official page.
Creek presented by Music Hall
Curcio Audio Engineering with tube amplifiers and dacs.
CYBERFi magazine with a new editions every month.
Cyrus official websites.
DAB(Digital Audio Broadcasting)
DAT-heads FAQ tells you much about DAT.
DCC, what the format looked like before it died.
Decware official page.
Definitive Technology official page.
Denon official page.
Denon presented by AudioFX
Densen official websites.
Deutsches High-Fidelity Institut
Digital audio papers at club.eng.cam.ac.uk/~cmh
Digital Domain where Bob Katz shares his knowledge about digital audio.
Digital Phase Loudspeakers official websites.
The Digital Theater Page also has some HiFi-info.
Dimitri's Opinions on Hi-Fi
DIY amplifier at www.geocites.com/TimesSquare/1965/
DIY amplifier project at mickey.iafrica.com/~gpitt/
DIY Ariel speakers by Lynn Olson.
DIY audio page
DIY DAC, you can build it too.
DIY power amplifier at dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/square/ae331/
DIY projects by Craig Stark
DIY speaker by Dick Olsher at www.blackdahlia.com
DIY speakers homepage
DIY speaker project at www.qnx.com/~danh/
DIY speaker projects at www.oki.com/people/lou/speakers/speakers.html
DIY speakers at www.ifi.uio.no/~magnush/
DIY speakers at dutlhs5.lr.tudelft.nl/~frits/
Dolby Laboratories Inc. official websites.
Dolby AC-3 info by AudioFX.
Doxa amplifiers info put up by one of many fans.
DTS official websites.
DVD latest infos, rumours and so on
DVD sound only format(High Quality Audio Disc) proposed by ARA.
DYNACO presented by Zoller Hifi Design Gmbh Germany
Dynaudio North America, official websites.
Dynaudio for DIY speakers at cam041214.student.utwente.nl
Dzurko Acoustics, speakers.
E-town News
Electrocompaniet official websites.
Electrofluidics official websites.
Eminent Technology official websites.
Enlightened Audio Designs(EAD) presented by Mamas hi-fi
Epos loudspeakers, official websites(still under construction).
Epos presented by Music Hall
ESP loudspeakers presented by Acoustic Image.
Eurythmie Speakers, made by A2Ingenierie and now sold by Jadis.
Evacuated Envelopes valve amp magazine.
Electrostatic Loudspeakers, description of how they are made.
ELP Laser Turntable reads vinyl with laser
Fanfare FM official websites.
Faraz' audio page
Fase official websites.
Federal Communications Commission
Fisher official websites.
Forsman VSS- Speaker Still under construction.
Gallo Speakers official websites.
Glass Audio, journal.
Glass Audio, some articles by Jukka Tolonen.
Goetz Loudspeakers official websites.
Gold Aero official websites.
Goldmund official websites.
Good Sound for Cheap FAQ
Grado headphones presented by AudioFX
Green Mountain Audio official websites.
Hales official websites.
Hayes loudspeakers official page.
HDCD, official websites of Pacific Microsonic.
HDCD info by AudioFX
HeadRoom official websites.
HECO speakers official websites.
HI-FI '96, The Home Theater & Specialty Audio Show in New York.
HI-FI '96 report by Audiolit
HI-FI '96 report by Scott Weinmann.
HI-FI '96 report by e-town
HI-FI '96 report by Perry Sun.
Hi-Fi Audio, a page in Italy.
hi-fi.com, a general interest site.
Hifi Video Test, Dutch journal.
High End Audio Homepage, a general interest page.
High End Society in Germany.
"High Definition Audio" sound prosessor.
High Performance Review, journal.
Highwire Audio Cables official websites.
Home Theater Technology Online has some reviews of Hifi-equipment too.
The Horn Speaker Home Page
Infinity official page. NB! Under construction.
The Internet Recommended Components List is just started and will get longer with more feedback.
Japan Audio Society
Jeff Rowland presented by Ambrosia
Jitter-info at ftp://rain.org/pub/bhk
Just Speakers for kits and more.
KEF unofficial page.
Kenwood official page in Japan.
Kenwood official page in Italy.
Kimber Kable official page.
Klipsch official page.(Sometimes not accessible)
The Kouch, Hi-Fi magazine from Australia.
Lab gruppen A powerfull amps from Sweden
L.A. Audio File, bulletin for the Los Angeles audiophile community.
Leedh speakers, Swedish page by Utility Research
Legacy Audio official websites.
Ljudia AB
Ljudtekniska sällskapet (MoLt)
Linn official websites
Linn Knekt site in Australia by Jim Tate Stereo.
Listener, journal.
Lowther Club Of Norway
Lundahl Transformers
Lush L.L.C. a general interest commercial site.
M&K Sound official websites.
Machina Dynamica isolation and vibration control.
Madisound Speaker components
Madrigal official websites.
Mailorder FAQ also available by ftp
Manley Labs official websites.
Marantz official websites.
Marchand Electronics Inc. with kit or fully assembled amps.
Mark Levinson official websites.
Mark Levinson presented by AudioFX
Martin Logan official websites. NB! Still under construction.
McCormack presented by Needletalk Audio
Meadowlark Audio presented by Acoustic Image.
Meridian Audio official websites.
Metaxas Audio Systems Amps
METROPOLIS Home Theater products by Zoller Hifi Design Gmbh Germany
Michael Green Audio Video Designs official websites.
Michell Engineering turntables and amplifiers, unofficial homepage.
Micromega presented by Needletalk Audio
The MiniDisc Page
Mission official websites.
MIT presented by AudioFX
Mondial Designs official websites.
Monster Cable official websites.
Mordaunt-Short loudspeakers, official websites(still under construction).
Music Labs, official websites.
Mytek Digital
MØRCH Minuet dac presented by Performing Arts Audio & Video, Inc.
NAD Australian site.
NAD official websites.
Naim Audio official websites.
Nakamichi US site.
NEAR, official websites.
Neil's Audio Shed
Newform Research Ribbon based loudspeakers, official websites.
Newspage news about Consumer Audio Products news every day.
NHT official websites.
NHT presented by AudioFX
Nirvana Audio Accessories official websites.
Nova Loudspeakers official websites.
OHM Speakers official websites.
Onkyo official websites.
Op-amps and more at www.princeton.edu/~ksthorn
Panamax power protection.
Paradigm speakers, official websites.
The Parts Connection official websites.
Philips official websites.
Platinum Audio official websites.
Polk audio official websites.
Proceed official websites.
Proceed presented by AudioFX
Positive Feedback, journal.
Purist Audio Design official websites.
Purist Audio Design presented by Soundstage Online
Québec Audio, French Canadian Hi-Fi Magazine.
QED Audio Products official page.
Quad ESL Technical Pages
RA labs loudspeakers.
The Real World Audiophile, a general interest site.
rec.audio.high-end digest an more ....
Rockford Corporation
Röhrenverstärker/Tube Amplifiers, book available in german or english.
Robert´s HiFi pages Great site
Rotel of America, official page.
Rotel presented by AudioFX
Roger Russell's homepage
RR Audio Laboratory official websites.
RSP Technologies(Circle Surround, etc.)
Starfelt AB official websites.
"Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity" journal.
Sennheiser official websites.
The $ensible Sound e-mail address (SensiSound@aol.com)
Sheldon's Audio Designs at www.clarkson.edu/~stokessd
Signature Technologies official websites.
Silicon Audio, music on a chip.
Siltech official websites.
SimAudio amplifiers.
SJS Electroacoustics official websites.
Skandinavisk Selvbyggerside, Scandinavian DIY
Snell Acoustics official websites.
Software for speaker-construction and more
Solar Audio speakers.
Solen speaker components.
Sonic Design accessories.
Sonic Frontiers official websites.
Sonic Frontiers presented by AudioFX
Sony High Fidelity official page.
Sound Bar with "Audio Grade" Fuses.
Sound Notes, a general interest site.
Sound Organisation furniture.
Sound Practices, journal.
Sound Practices Audio Experimenter's Resource
SoundSite, a general interest commercial site.
Soundstage, a general interest site.
Sovereign official page.
Sovtek tubes
SpeakerBuilder, journal.
Speaker Building Page.
Stereo Equipment, a general interest page.
Stereolith speakers.
Stereotype journal(in Hebrew) at www.macom.co.il/Stereo/
Sumo Products official websites.
Suono journal(in Italian) with some articles available in PDF.
Stian G Danenbarger's Bookmarks
Stone Monitor Speaker official websites.
Svalander Audio AB
Svetlana power tubes official websites.
Swans speaker systems presented by Acoustic Image.
Svenska Laser Foreningen SLF
Swedish SoundTechnical Society (MoLt)
Symfonia with Australian High-End Audio.
System presentations index. You may get some ideas here...
Tandberg Audio Products
TAS,The Absolute sound The High End Journal
TDK official websites.
Technical and White Papers
Tekmans AudioPhiles
Tekna Sonic official websites.
Theta Digital, not quite finished.
THX Home Page official websites.
Tinnitus FAQ
Totally Tubular, journal.
Totem, presented by AudioFX
Totem presented by Needletalk Audio
Triode Support Systems with amplifiers and speakers.
Tube Amp and Music Electronics Newsletter
Tubes vs. Transistors article form Journal of The Audio Engineering Society.
Tube amps lovers' page
The Vacuum Tube Audio Page
Utility Research amplifiers.
Vacuum Tube Valley, journal.
Van L. Speakerworks official websites.
Velodyne official websites.
Velodyne presented by AudioFX
Verity Audio official websites.
Von Schweikert Research official websites.
The Voodoo of CD Mastering from the sonic, ddesign, and daw-mac mailing lists and more.
VTI's audio links
VTL tube amplifiers, official websites.
VXM Network a general interest site that also covers audio topics.
Wadia, official websites.
Waveform, official websites.
Wavelength Audio, official websites.
Welborne Labs with kits and components.
Westlake Audio Hi Fi Speakers official websites.
Wilson Audio, official websites.
Wiring your home, a guide.
Wood Speaker Systems official page.
XLO presented by Needlstalk Audio
Yamaha, official websites.
ZARATHUSTRA S4 turntables, official websites in Germany
Z-man Audio Signal Enhancer , official websites.
Zoller Hifi Design official METROPOLIS websites
more links for Home Theater fans with permission of Home-Cinema Home Page site (France) in France, not related with www.home-cinema.com
Home Theater WEBSITES french and english
Home-Cinema Home Page site (France)
New Laserdisc Releases and Reviews
Bob Niland's LaserDisc Articles
London Calling - Laser disc reviews
AC-3 Introduction
LaserDisc Related Sites
LaserDisc - Europe-LD Web Information Service
Upgrading your LD player to AC-3 ( Pioneer CLD 2950)
Dolby AC-3
La page du home cinema
Blockbuster Entertainment
Dolby Digital (AC-3) Laserdiscs Coming Soon
DTS Laserdiscs not official!
Arioch's Laserdisc Home Page
home theater french not official!
New Laserdisc Releases and Reviews
The Laserdisc Collector's Compagnion Page
HiFi + DVD on WWW
Brian Moura's Home Page
Dolby AC-3 not official!
LaserDisc Home Page
DTS Digital Surround LaserDisc not official!
Kevin's Home Page
LaserDisc - Europe-LD Web Information Service
Leopold's Laserdisc page
The Brues' News: Laserdiscs
E/Town: The Home Electronics Guide
Welcome to the IMDb
The Home Theater Forum Page
Laserviews Home Page
DIY Dolby Digital (AC-3) Modification Page
Liste des LaserDiscs en Dolby AC3
LaserQuest Inc.
Laser Time Video Home Page
Ken Cranes LaserDisc
Welcome to Laser's Edge
Evolution Audio & Video
La Boite Noire
Big Emma's Used Laser Discs
Intertainment Home Page
LaserWorld / the Digital Experience
Video Online Express
LaserDisc House
One Call
Millenium DTS decoder/preamp
DTS Digital Surround
MSB Technology (Decodeurs DTS & AC-3)
Pioneer LDCE
Welcome to Kenwood
Welcome to Philips Sound & Vision
Angstrom (Decodeur DTS)
Mordaunt Short
Infinity Home And Car Audio [Home Audio]
Vidikron Home Page
Jamo Home Page
Welcome To Yamaha!
Digital Theater Systems
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Pioneer Entertainment
Lucasfilm's THX Home Page
C&L Internet LaserDisc Homepage
The Criterion Collection
MCA/Universal LaserDisc Page
Home Cinema shops & magazines
Capital Audio Electronics
Le Specialiste du Cinema a Domicile
UK Widescreen Review
Les Annees Laser
Welcome to Home Theater Online
Premiere le magazine du cinema
Welcome to Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity Magazine
home-cinema@fdn.fr archive
1997 CES Report
About the Europe-LD mailing list
La liste home-cinema@fdn.fr
alt.video.dvd FAQ
General Interest Sites
The Ambisonics Homepage
The Analogue Addicts Archive.
The Analogue Heaven Home Page
Audio And Acoustic Links
Audio Files
The Audio Engineering Society
Andrew Lear's Audiophile Homepage
Audio Related WWW and FTP Sites more Links!
Audio Reviews by Audiophiles just like you
Audio/Video Web Site
The Consumer Electronics Cyberspace Companion
Dick Olsher's Audio Mecca
The Audio Dictionary
DVD Info
E-Town (A/V News and More!)
A Fundamental Guide to the CD Player
Hi-Fi...Grecian Style
Quebec Audio The French Canadian Audio Magazine
The High End Audio Homepage
The Horn Speaker Home Page
The Internet Recommended Components List
Miha Frlec's Audio Page
The Real World Audiophile
The rec.audio.high-end digest
Robert's Hi-Fi Pages
Sound Notes
Tubes VS. Transistors?
The Vacuum Tube Audio Page
The Virtual Times: Audio Links
Yahoo Audio Video Equipment Links
Commercial Sites:
Audio Advisor
Audio Centre
Audio Web
Blue Circle Audio
Headroom Headphones
Michael Green Audio Video Designs
Newform Research
Home Theater Links
Boz's Premier Home Audio Site
The Digital Theater Page
General Home Theatre Info/Advice
Wizard's Electronics
no.audio (norwegian)